Fight Apathy

Each year, JSA chapters led by a National Director coordinates our major national initiative: Fight Apathy. The Fight Apathy Campaign is a national initiative aimed at raising awareness about political issues.

Voter Registration

JSA Chapters play an active role in encouraging students to register to vote and spreading the word in their community about the importance of voter engagement.


Political Fairs

JSA students coordinate Political Fairs that allows students to meet representatives of nonprofits, political groups, and campaigns. These fairs JSA students to various policy, advocacy, and voter engagement groups. 

Elections Initiatives

Only 40 percent of eligible voters participate in midterm elections. This election cycle, JSA Chapter can get involved and encourage community awareness of voting and candidates. Download our Midterm Guide and get ideas for political engagement.

JSA Tutoring Program

Whether you yourself are looking for extra help or would like to help tutor others, anyone can sign up! Just fill out the form wait to be paired and tutor away!

Political Pen-Pals

Share your political ideologies with students from around the country!