Fight Apathy

Each year, JSA chapters led by the National Fight Apathy Director coordinates our major national initiative: Fight Apathy.

Today’s youth is the first generation to grow up surrounded by information but still are not knowledgeable about issues and the world around them. As part of the Junior State of America’s mission to educate and prepare high school students for a lifetime of political involvement, it is important to take a stand and fight the apathy found in high schools today.

The Fight Apathy Campaign raises awareness about political issues. Fight Apathy is an event held by JSA chapters where students pick up a sticker when entering school which reads, “I believe in…” They write something (anything) to finish the sentence, and the stickers spark discussion in the school throughout the day.

The project began at Bergen County Academies in New Jersey. At the kickoff event over 700 students, nearly 70% of the school, participated. The stickers served as catalysts for discussions about topics including morality, fiscal policy, and elections. Student and teachers talked about issues in hallways, cafeterias, and classrooms and set the basis for Fight Apathy to be successful nationwide. Soon after,  other schools in New Jersey held similar events and now the project has grown into a campaign to fight apathy across the United States.