JSA’s Be the Vote Campaign


With the 2020 election quickly approaching, now more than ever it is important to include young people to ensure their voices are heard.

A new national poll of young Americans reveals that despite—or perhaps because of—the interconnected crises shaping American life, young people are interested and engaged in the 2020 election, believe they can make a difference, and stand ready to make their voices heard.

At JSA, we know that young people have always been the driving force when trying to show that their voices matter. Generation Z especially has been a focal point in pushing advanced social change in our country.


Our Campaign

JSA is dedicated to mobilizing high school students from around the country to get involved in the election process. Thus, from September 14th to October 3rd, we will be hosting our largest national voter registration drive ever. Our 12,000 students nationwide will be participating in our "Be the Vote" registration campaign, where students will be encouraged to register as many voters as possible. 

Our goal is to register at least 3,000 individuals nationally.

Every JSA state across the country will compete to get as many people registered as possible. We’ve partnered with the Civics Center to help us track per capita registration, provide registration updates throughout the competition, and crown a winner!  

Follow these Steps to get Started:

1. Find someone who isn't registered to vote

2. Send them to www.jsabethevote.org or click the button below 


Be sure to follow up later to make sure they're registered and ready to vote! 

Wanna Help?

There are three easy steps to help others register to vote:

  • Build a Team
    • Virtually get together as a Chapter, or even just as a group of friends, family, and community members.
  • Set a Goal 
    • JSA is trying to get 3000 people registered to vote! Set a realistic goal to see how many people you as a team could get registered.
  • Be Prepared
    • Create a list of names of people that you would like to contact. This can include family members, classmates, and community members. Then send each of them the link to register!

Get Started!

This guide was developed to provide the information you need to know to be registered and ready to vote come November!

In it, you will find general information about voter registration, as well as information specific to your JSA state about mail-in ballots, how to get registered, and important deadlines.

Continue the Conversation

This guide was developed to provide information and opportunities about how individuals can get involved in elections at any age and at any location! Below, you will find information about volunteering to be a poll worker, fighting voter suppression, registering yourself and others to vote, becoming an informed voter, and educating others. 

FYI: Voting Videos

First Time Voter

Are you ready to vote for the first time? If you’re a U.S. citizen, meet your state’s requirements, and will be 18 by Election Day, you can vote.

Check Your Voter Registration

Is your voter registration up-to-date? Even if you voted before, from time to time, states and local election offices purge their voter registration lists. They delete people who have moved or who haven’t voted in a long time. And sometimes there’s just an error.

That’s why it’s a good idea to check your registration now to make sure you can vote on Election Day. Start by finding your local election office at usa.gov/election-office. You may be able to check your registration

The Electoral College Explained

You vote, but then what? Discover how your individual vote contributes to the popular vote and your state's electoral vote in different ways--and see how votes are counted on both state and national levels.

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