Registration Instructions

Each student will have to create an account on JSAConnect (previously known as MyJSA). If you already have an account on MyJSA, your login credentials will work for JSAConnect, and your profile information is still saved in your account.

Students can register and pay individually, or register as part of a chapter and have their chapter pay the fees. For students registering with their chapter, we accept POs, checks, and credit cards. You can check your invoice and pay online at JSAConnect. Fees must be paid before the convention, or the students will not be allowed to attend. Scholarships will be applied at the end of the registration process.

How to Join a Convention

Announce Convention: Make sure members know the deadlines for registering, and dates and times for the event. Keep tabs of all your members who can attend or not. 

Create JSAConnect Accounts: All students attending the convention are required to create a JSAConnect account. Students should use correct information and their primary e­mail account to register. Once you sign up, you will be sent an email with a link to confirm your email. Please check your inbox and spam folder for the confirmation email.

  • Locked out of your account? If you already had a MyJSA account, use those credentials to login to JSAConnect. If the "forgot password" button is sending you through a loop, email and we will manually send a password reset link to you.
  • Can't find your high school? Type "Not Listed" into the search box and choose your state of residence. For example, if you live in Illinois, you will choose "Not Listed - IL".

Register on JSAConnect: Students can register individually and pay for themselves on JSAConnect. Alternatively, the chapter can register together and pay together. You can register for an event on JSAConnect by going to "My Activities". Scroll through all activities and click "register" on the event you want to attend. If you’re a Chapter President or Teacher Advisor registering your chapter and would like to add members to the roster, make sure those members have created a JSAConnect account and added the correct high school. 

Collect Payments: Credit card payments may be made online on JSAConnect. PO forms can be used if the school is paying on your chapter’s behalf. Checks can be made out to JSA and sent to our California headquarters. We highly recommend paying by credit card online, since we will need to receive payment before you can attend the convention. 

  • Membership Dues: If you are an individual, you can pay your dues on the My Chapter tab, or pay during registration. If you are a Chapter President or a Teacher Advisor, you can pay for all member's dues on the My Chapter tab, or during the registration process. Each student must pay $10 to be part of a chapter. 
  • Can't see the invoice or payment portal? Make sure your Ad-Blocker is off for this website.

Scholarships: Scholarships are available if certain criteria are met. Students will be asked questions during the account creation and again during the registration process to determine if they are eligible. The discount will be applied at the end of the registration process. If you are registering a chapter, each student must create an account on JSAConnect and fill out their financial information. After this, a scholarship discount will automatically be applied to all those who qualify.

Students must always conduct themselves according to the highest standards of behavior. Students must be considerate of, and respect the rights of, other students and staff, and use appropriate and respectful language at all times. Hazing or any action that creates physical discomfort or intends to embarrass or harass another student will not be tolerated. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and may result in expulsion from the event. 

Payment Options

Keep a copy of all payment records (invoices, checks, receipts, POs). 

PREFERRED: Credit Card You can make a credit card payment on the JSAConnect portal. This is the quickest and easiest payment method. JSA will also accept credit card payments for registration by phone. Please call (800) 334-5353.

School Check ONE inclusive check payable to The Junior State of America from the school. If your school cannot process your check request before the registration deadline, fax or email a copy of the documentation showing that you have arranged with the school to send the check, plus a guarantee from the school that payment will be received before the start of the convention. 

Purchase Order A school purchase order (must be payable within 30 days of the registration deadline)

Personal Check ONE inclusive check payable to The Junior State for all delegates.

Do not send individual multiple personal checks from the delegates. Do not send cash. Your delegation will not be registered until payment is received in one of the forms listed above.

Contact and Address

Send checks and PO forms to: 

The Junior State of America

70 Washington Street, Suite 320

Oakland, CA 94607


General Email:

JSAConnect Questions:

Fax: (650) 347-7200