2020-2021 Council of Governors

Each year, JSA members elect from among their peers a governor from each JSA state. That individual is responsible for planning conventions for their region, budgeting, appointed a cabinet of JSA delegates and developing strategic goals for the organization. A member of the Council of Governors also sits on the JSA Foundation board of directors.

Zane B.

Arizona Governor

Zane is a Junior from BASIS Phoenix High School. He has always had a passion for politics and a desire to learn more about how our government works. When his school created its first JSA chapter during his freshman year, he could not help but join it. After attending his first convention, he immediately fell in love with the organization and became eager to take a more active role in its success. Soon after joining JSA, he became Director of Chapter Internal Affairs for Arizona and his school’s Chapter President. While working in these positions, he learned more about what could be done to strengthen JSAZ and JSA. This year, he will serve as Arizona’s Governor and hopes to use that knowledge to help JSA thrive!

Outside of JSA, Zane is an active member of his community. He has spent time volunteering with charitable organizations around his community. At school, he is a member of his Speech and Debate team and is Secretary of his school’s National Honor Society Chapter. He has also spent time interning with a U.S. Senatorial Campaign.

Zane is excited to be JSAZ’s new Governor and to be a part of JSA’s bright future!

I love JSA because it combines some of my favorite things: political topics, thoughtful conversations, and great people!

Erica C.

Mid-Atlantic Governor

Erica is a senior at Bergen County Academies. Her interest in politics, public speaking, and activism started early-on in her educational career, and her introduction into the Junior State of America honed this interest into a passion. She has been a part of the JSA community since freshman year at Fall State 2017 at Princeton University and absolutely fell in love with the organization.

The empowerment of JSA has shaped her approach and outlook on life and her abilities, and she hopes as Mid-Atlantic State Governor 2019-2020, she can expand the experience of JSA to every student in the nation. Erica was elected to serve as Chapter President in 9th grade and was re-elected to serve in 10th grade. She also was selected as an Expansion Agent in 10th grade and was appointed Director of Expansion in 11th grade.

In her free time, Erica also volunteers as an EMT for her town, conducts microbiology research, manages her school’s Oncology Olympiad team and concert band, and plays percussion. She is incredibly grateful to be serving such a diverse and involved state and is beyond excited to work to improve JSA at every level for every JSA’er.

I love the Junior State of America for the leadership, empowerment, accountability, and diversity it aims to bring to all high schoolers across the nation.

Anjali P.

Midwest Governor

Anjali is a rising senior at Vernon Hills High School, and the Midwest Governor for the 2020-2021 school year. Argumentative and headstrong, she found her home in JSA at the beginning of her freshman year. Infatuated with the environment of conventions and the strange conversations she had with other JSA delegates, Anjali knew at once that she wanted to immerse herself within the organization as much as possible. She joined Cabinet as a Chapter Internal Affairs Agent her sophomore year; from there, Anjali’s love for JSA further bloomed as she delved into other various leadership positions.

When Anjali isn’t in the debate room, you can find her on the tennis court or in the dance studio. In her free time, she enjoys baking numerous desserts, painting, or writing poetry—all while listening to music. There is a high chance that she will make a reference to an old Disney Channel TV show in conversation and frequently expresses her love for goldfish. Anjali is beyond grateful to have the chance to serve the Midwest, aiming to promote growth and close connections within the region; she loves JSA with her whole heart and hopes that everyone who joins will as well.

JSA opened up a world of individuality. Every single convention is saturated by people who bring opinions and perspectives to issues that are seen nowhere but at JSA.

Dev A.

Northeast Governor

Dev is the governor of Northeastern JSA for the upcoming year. This year, he's serving as your Northeast Executive Director Debate. This is his second year in the debate department, as he worked as the sole debate agent last year. Outside of JSA, Dev plays the cello, interns at his state senator's office, and enjoys weightlifting. JSA’s completely transformed who he is as a person. JSA’s grown his confidence, pushed him to his limits, and allowed him to become who he am today. At JSA conventions he's made amazing friends, created strong connections and had countless experiences that he'll never forget.

He is so grateful for his JSA experience and all it has taught him, and that is why the focus of his governorship is giving back to the Northeast and the individuals that comprise it. His entire platform is based around improving your JSA experience. As Governor, he will work his hardest to ensure that the JSA experience is the best and most accessible it can possibly be.

I love JSA because of the open-mindedness of its community. I really enjoy being able to listen to two individuals respectfully argue about a controversial issue. The space that JSA provides in this aspect is truly invaluable.

Kaetlyn L. M.

Northern California Governor

Kaetlyn joined JSA her freshman year, after some convincing from her then history teacher and school TA. She fell in love with the organization after the first convention, and has been heavily involved in it since. Kaetlyn joined the Northern California (NorCal) Cabinet her sophomore year as an agent. Her junior year she became Director of CIA, and learned in depth about the JSA foundation. She loves the community built around JSA, and working with chapters is her favorite part of the organization. Her experience with JSA has taught her personal organization, debate skills, and molded her into a civically engaged student that deeply believes in the positive change an individual can have over the world around them.

Outside of JSA, she is the co-president of a Harry Potter Club, and is in multiple honor societies. After school, you can find her boxing or surfing. She also plays quite a few musical instruments, including some piano, flute, and percussion. She is very active in her local community, and works at a library as a volunteer. She enjoys spending time with her family, especially her grandparents and brother. Most days, though, you can find her playing with her dogs, or driving down the coastline.

I love the JSA mission--apathy is a plague, and I deeply believe in student engagement with the world.

Wonnie K.

Ohio River Valley Governor

Wonnie is a senior at Worthington Kilbourne High School. She joined JSA as a shy freshman, eager to find a club she wanted to dedicate herself to. She never could have foreseen the impact that JSA would have on shaping her as a person and creating magical experiences to brighten her life. On the chapter-level, she is serving as the Director of Publicity for the second year. On the state-level, she served as the Deputy Director of Communications and Public Relations and the Director of CIA. She also had the opportunity of serving as the Convention Coordinator at Winter Congress 2020.

Wonnie doesn’t see these positions as titles to slap on a resume; she sees them as experiences. Although she has experienced many sleepless nights and stressful decisions throughout her time in JSA, she always finds herself coming back to the love she has for the organization. The passionate delegates and true sense of home that JSA provides genuinely make everything worth it.

Outside of JSA, she loves singing in choir, playing tennis, and volunteering at her church. Wonnie is honored to serve as the ORV Governor for 2020-21 and is excited to grow as a Council of Governors!

The strong and unbelievably kind people that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting through JSA are my definition of student leadership. They represent the state of the youth in our American democracy and are why I love JSA.

Mariam J.

Pacific Northwest Governor

Mariam is a rising senior at the International School of Beaverton. Before becoming Pacific Northwest Governor, she joined JSA as a freshman during her first week of school and has become deeply invested in the organization ever since. After joining cabinet as OR Director of Activism, she ran to become Oregon Region Mayor during her sophomore year and became one of ISB’s Co-Chapter Presidents her junior year.

During her term, she will focus on revamping the state and its goals, strengthening student leadership, and highlighting different ways for youth to become politically involved outside of JSA. She truly believes that becoming involved with JSA has changed her life and hopes to create experiences for other delegates to feel the same way.

Outside of JSA, Mariam is involved in student government as ASB Vice President, plays the violin in the Metropolitan Youth Symphony, organized as a national director for US Youth Climate Strike, and spends her free time studying political theory or biology. She hopes to bring what she’s learned from being in other student-led organizations to JSA and to encourage more youth to become politically engaged and involved through state conventions and other JSA related events.

JSA gave me a place to explore and strengthen my political beliefs and leadership skills in the same space with other students.

Ava C.

Southeast Governor

Ava Caudle discovered her love for advocacy in middle school through volunteering on a local congressional campaign, and has never been the same since. Her middle school started up a JSA chapter around the same time, and Ava became its Chapter President as an eighth grader. Throughout high school, she would make a name for herself in JSA as a Montezuma Leadership Summit and Summer School Graduate, Debate Agent, Co-Convention Coordinator, 2019’s Southeast Statesperson of the Year, and Chief of Staff before becoming elected as the Southeast Governor.

JSA served as an avenue of excitement for her when it came to politics, which inspired Ava to became connected with numerous other organizations and opportunities, such as becoming a law intern and attending conferences. Ava adores the mission of JSA and considers her upcoming Governor term as her way to give back and encourage others to find their own voices. Her goals include becoming a free speech lawyer to protect individuals in colleges/workplaces who seek an open dialogue yet are faced with censorship, hopefully followed by running for public office or becoming a judge. When she isn’t debating her heart out, Ava loves volunteering, journaling, swimming, and going to concerts.

Through this organization, I have found a setting where I can be unapologetically myself (my very passionate, vocal self), and have bonded with like-minded individuals who have become my very best friends.

Lilly C.

Southern California Governor

Lilly Chertock is a student at Santa Monica High School and will be serving as the 2020-2021 Southern California Governor. She joined JSA at the beginning of her freshman year, instantly enthralled by its spirited political discourse and student-led nature. Most of all, Lilly was excited to have found a family of students who share a love for debate and civic engagement. In her sophomore year, she joined cabinet as a deputy in the fundraising department, and was a Chapter Officer. She then attended the 2019 Montezuma Leadership Summit, where she developed a love for national JSA.

In her junior year, she served as her chapter’s president and one of SoCal’s Directors of Development. Lilly is on her school’s mock trial team, plays cello in orchestra, works as an apprentice for Climate Action Santa Monica, and is a member of Team Marine, an environmental science and advocacy club at Santa Monica High School. She loves discovering new music, watching movies, and finding new restaurants to eat at in Los Angeles. This year, she hopes to provide more opportunities for non-cabinet members, and establish a greater feeling of community outside of conventions.

I love JSA because of the community it builds, consisting of people from different locations, backgrounds and political beliefs

David T.

Texas Governor

David is a rising senior at Bellaire High School in Houston, Texas, and is beyond excited to be serving as your 2020-2021 Texas JSA Governor!

It's been a wild ride for David ever since he joined JSA in freshman year, but he's come to truly love our organization. From the amazing diversity in political ideologies to the welcoming group of high schoolers who make up our organization, JSA has been David's home throughout high school. This past year, he served on Cabinet as the Deputy Director of CIA (Chapter Internal Affairs), and as one of Texas' Gulf Coast Region Senator. With both positions, he made sure to spread the word about JSA, fight political apathy, and get more people to join our amazing conventions.

This year as Governor, David wants to help JSAers become more connected with each other and bring Texas closer together. David wants to bolster communication between departments in Cabinet as well as between JSAers and Cabinet. He wants to empower chapters, helping them grow and impact their community. Outside of JSA, David likes to swim, read philosophy, and eat tons of Pocky.

Tthe number one reason why I love JSA is impact. JSA is the largest student-run organization in America, and that translates into how we improve and better our communities. The activism I see happening through JSA is, frankly, not found anywhere else.