2021-2022 Council of Governors

Each year, JSA members elect from among their peers a governor from each JSA state. That individual is responsible for planning conventions for their region, budgeting, appointed a cabinet of JSA delegates and developing strategic goals for the organization. A member of the Council of Governors also sits on the JSA Foundation board of directors.

Rebecca S.

Arizona Governor

Rebecca S. is a high school senior and has been a part of JSA for almost six years. Rebecca got lucky that her middle school, offered JSA, and after some convincing by her friends and TA, she joined. Since 8th grade, she served in her chapter's cabinet and has always stayed involved. When she moved, her new school already had an established chapter where her freshman year, she served as the Chapter Secretary. Sophomore year she joined the state cabinet as Convention Coordinator while also serving as her Chapter’s Treasurer.

That year she decided to run for Lieutenant Governor and although we weren’t able to have a Spring Congress, Rebecca persevered and won. Throughout her junior year, along with serving as the JSAZ Lieutenant Governor, she was her school's Chapter President.

Outside of JSA Rebecca is an NHS Historian and is a part of Arizona Western College National Society of Leadership and Success. She has been competing for the International Cinderella Pageant for almost as long as she has been a part of JSA, She has had the honor to compete on a local, state, and international pageant stage.

JSA has provided me the opportunity of a lifetime, I have found new passions, learned new skills, and most importantly I have met some of my closest friends. I’m so incredibly grateful for this opportunity and wouldn't give it up for the world.

George B.

Mid-Atlantic Governor

George B. is a high school senior and is serving as the 2021-2022 Mid-Atlantic State Governor. Originally from Wichita, KS, George joined JSA his sophomore year after moving to New Jersey. After attending Fall One Day, he started to become more involved in JSA.

In 2019, George was elected to serve as a State Assembly Representative for his chapter and was re-elected in 2020 after pioneering initiatives to give equitable representation to small chapters and for electoral transparency. George also previously served as editor-in-chief of The MAS Liberty, his state’s student publication, where he strove not only to help delegates gain the confidence to express their own ideas but also to appreciate opposing views. Outside of JSA, George participates in mock trials, Zenerations, and other extracurriculars.

Since JSA is an organization primarily concerned with civic engagement, service, and politics, it may not come as a surprise that my enthusiasm for JSA stems from a longtime fascination with American history. JSA allows me to engage and immerse myself in local issues and activism.

Mehek T.

Midwest Governor

Mehek is a high school senior and is elated to be serving as this year’s Midwest Governor! As a freshman, Mehek immediately found a home in the community that was her JSA chapter, which later extended to the Midwest as a whole. She has met many of her closest friends through this vast organization, and is looking forward to making new friendships in the coming year!

As a sophomore, Mehek was the Midyear addition to the CIA department, where she was given the opportunity to give back to Midwest JSA- she fell in love with the department, and the following year, proudly served as the Midwest Director of CIA.

Now, she intends on giving back to this organization all that it has given to her. Mehek’s love for uplifting chapters motivated her to run for Governor during her junior year, and she plans on spending the next year helping improve and grow chapters in her state. In her free time, Mehek loves to read, hang out with friends and family, and visit local restaurants. Feel free to reach out to her with a text or an email with questions, concerns, or any book/TV show recommendations!

I love JSA because it has been my home for the past three years. From the moment that I attended my first JSA convention during my freshman year, I realized that I hadn't just joined a club. I joined a community— a family.

Peggy L.

Northeast Governor

Peggy L. is a rising senior. She’s been involved in JSA since freshman after attending her first fall one-day convention where she immediately fell in love with the community of students here. Since then Peggy’s grasped every opportunity JSA has offered: attending Georgetown Summer School, speaking at debates, serving on Cabinet, and sponsoring legislation at WinterCon! Her favorite event so far has been chairing the Democratic Party Caucus at Winter Congress 2021.

As Governor, she hopes to continue building upon these very opportunities that she was offered for new JSAers in the future. Her platform embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion where she strives to create a welcoming atmosphere for every student and provide the necessary accommodations for those who need it at conventions. Peggy is beyond enthusiastic to get to work with her fellow Council of Governors and looks forward to an amazing last year in JSA.

I love JSA for its community. I’ve made some of my closest friends to this day from all over the US and I love how connected we all are.

Cecille P.

Northern California Governor

Cecille joined JSA her freshman year, absolutely fell in love with the organization and has been heavily involved since. Cecille joined the Northern California cabinet her freshman year as a debate agent, her sophomore year as a CIA agent, and her junior year serving as the Lieutenant Governor’s Chief of Staff where she oversaw the CIA, Expansion, and regional officials departments. She loves the JSA community and talking to the delegates is her favorite part of the organization. Her experience in JSA has taught her personal organization, debate skills, and molded her into a civically engaged student that deeply believes in the positive change an individual can have over the world around them.

Outside of JSA, Cecille is an avid Disney and anime fan. She loves all types of art and dance as she has been a part of her school’s dance ensemble for two years now. She also has her own keychain store where she sells her handmade keychains. You can always find her singing a song she’s known for years or one she learned a few minutes ago. Singing is one of her favorite things in the world. She enjoys spending time with her family and two cats especially in the garden on a sunny day.

I can talk to virtually anyone in this organization and they will always be willing to engage in either a political discussion or debate for fun. It is so amazing being able to talk with people your age about issues in the world you care about.

Aneetej A.

Ohio River Valley Governor

Aneetej is a senior and is incredibly excited to serve as your ORV Governor for 2021-2022!

As a freshman, Aneetej was looking for a club that he thought he would fit into, and his fondness for politics and public speaking quickly led him to join JSA. From his first convention, he knew that he had found a home in JSA. JSA led him to connect and discuss numerous topics with students from across the country with wildly different political views. He knew soon after joining JSA that he was passionate about growing the organization even further. Aneetej attended the Montezuma Leadership Summit in 2019, and he joined the ORV cabinet as an Expansion Specialist the following year. This past year, he served as his school's chapter president and the National Director of Expansion. This year as Governor, Aneetej wants to grow the ORV and create more opportunities for all students to immerse themselves within JSA.

Outside of JSA, Aneetej enjoys playing golf, squash, building computers, trying new foods, and listening to music.

I love JSA because it values diversity; each individual has their views and beliefs, and JSA brings us together to have an insightful discussion, and promote today's youth to make an impact on our future.

Addy D.

Pacific Northwest Governor

Addy Dunbar is a senior in high school. After joining JSA her freshman year, Addy sought every opportunity to become more involved with an organization that has since changed her life. Once a shy delegate who hesitated to speak up at Chapter meetings, Addy has gained not only amazing friends and fulfilling experiences through JSA, but has found confidence in herself. Addy joined PNW JSA Cabinet at the end of her freshman year as a Chapter Internal Affairs Agent.

She learned how to best support Chapters in a variety of situations across the State while working under amazing mentors. Addy currently serves as the PNW Director of Chapter Internal Affairs, leading the CIA Department and supporting over 40 Chapters across the PNW.

Outside of JSA, Addy likes to hike, sail, and just generally spend time outdoors. You’ll often find her at her local coffee shop with a book or some JSA work to do. Addy is a volunteer tutor for elementary school students in her community and enjoys working with children. Her proudest accomplishment is her wide array of oddly specific Spotify playlists, which she’ll definitely send to you if you ask. She is also passionate about the environment and co-leads a state youth team with Citizens’ Climate Lobby.

Emma C.

Southeast Governor

Emma is a senior in high school and is incredibly excited to serve as the Southeast Governor for the 2021-2022 year!

In her freshman year, she joined his school's JSA chapter and fell in love immediately. The confluence of logic, passion, and politics intoxicated her and eventually, she became an Expansion Agent for the Southeast State. After working with a plethora of chapters as an agent, she ran to be Lieutenant Governor of the Southeast. Serving as the Lieutenant Governor gave her the ability to see how the state works and work closely with the Governor. Now this year, she is serving as the Governor of the Southeast State and she is ready to leave her mark!

Outside of debate, Emma leads her school's Math Olympiad team and organizes competitions within her home state of Florida. One of her biggest joys is her school's philosophy club, which she helped create. She also helps volunteer for some charitable organizations, including food pantries in the area. In her free time, she loves watching terrible movies, reading poetry, and walking her dog.

For me, JSA is a community. A wonderful group of people who are dedicated to a singular goal–making the world a better place.

Keira P.

Southern California Governor

Keira Pender is a senior in high school and will be serving as the 2021-2022 Southern California JSA Governor.

She fell in love with JSA her freshman year when she discovered the passion, level of civic engagement, and care that other high schoolers had for the world around them. But it was ultimately the people of JSA that have made her experience unforgettable. And the friends she has made that have furthered her care for the organization. In her Sophomore year, she joined cabinet as a deputy director of debate and served as a chapter officer. She is also a graduate of Montezuma Leadership Summit. In her Junior year, she served as her chapter’s president and as one of the Southern California Directors of Debate.

Keira is also a part of her school’s Academic Decathlon and golf teams, and can often be found discovering new music and books. This coming year in SoCal, Keira hopes to strengthen individual chapters, establish stronger regions, and diversify statewide activities to include more leadership opportunities and accessibility for regular JSAers.

I love JSA because it empowers students to make a tangible difference in their lives and communities. As well as providing a space for students of all different backgrounds to interact and engage with the world around them.

Jason Y.

Texas Governor

Jason is a senior from Texas. After joining JSA his freshmen year, he instantly fell in love with the organization.

With all the diversity and different political beliefs, Jason was able to find his voice. He’s always wanted to get more involved. From planning debates at his chapter as a member to organizing communication as Director of CIA, Jason has worked at various levels of JSA to help it run. He’s ecstatic to work at the national level as governor of Texas to do more to expand JSA and do more for the students.

Whenever Jason isn’t working for JSA, he’s usually out with friends taking pictures. He’s also a head photographer on his school’s yearbook. Other organizations he works with include UNICEF, OCA, and his school’s National Honor Society.

JSA has always been a place where I’ve been able to discuss serious issues with my peers while also learning more and expanding my views. Through discussion, I’ve also found some of my closest friends in the organization that has fostered my love for politics ever since freshmen year.