Debate of the Month

Resolved, American patriotism is detrimental to modern society.

Since the foundation of the United States, Americans have defined themselves as a unique and exceptional nationality that transcends the ethnic distinctions of the rest of the world. While its intensity has fluctuated throughout history, American patriotism has been a source of national solidarity. Some argue, however, that patriotism has been harmful to American society. It creates a superiority complex in the U.S. that brews an “us vs. them” mentality, pitting citizens against minorities, immigrants and foreign ideas which are labeled as un-American. Patriotism, however, has undoubtedly been successful in unifying the country in crises; World War II, for example, was met with passionate public support because of the proliferating promotion of American integrity. Many believe that at its heart, patriotism is meant to heal divisions amidst social and political divisions through a common national identity. In today’s society, does patriotism unify or divide American society? Is it necessary for the promotion of American ideals? Or, is it an obsolete construct that only serves to provide false pride?


  • Patriotism has been attributed to causing racism and discrimination
  • It gives Americans a false sense of exceptionalism
  • It encourages mistrust of those from different countries


  • Patriotism gives Americans a sense of national identity
  • It is effective in unifying the country in times of crises
  • It promotes inclusivity amongst all Americans


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While the speaker speaks, the moderator will — at random — bang their gavel, at which point the speaker is to switch positions (pro to con or con to pro) on the resolution immediately.

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