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Resolved, the resurgence of socialism in America will have a positive impact.

Recently, many young Americans are turning away from capitalist values to socialist-leaning candidates in favor of their economic regulations and generous welfare programs. Running as a Democrat with economically socialist tendencies, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders campaigned for the presidency in 2016 and gained surprising momentum. He has recently announced his bid for the 2020 election and has gained significant grassroots support, proving, some argue, his popularity among disillusioned Democrats. Additionally, outspoken Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has vocalized support for socialist policies such as single-payer health care and free tuition for public colleges and trade schools.

Proponents of socialism believe that it would mitigate the inequalities caused by capitalism, giving lower-income Americans an economic boost, such as raising the minimum wage and instituting more progressive income taxes. However, many believe that the socialist movement would hinder economic growth because it reduces incentives for innovation and competition, and it causes a spike in inflation. Both proponents and opponents of socialism look to other nations as case examples of its success or failure; the former cites the strong Socialist-leaning countries of Norway, Denmark, and Finland, while the latter warns of weak Socialist economies such as Venezuela and Cuba. Ultimately, how would this increasingly popular economic initiative fare in America? Is socialism a valiant effort to support the economically disadvantaged at the expense of the disproportionately rich, or is it merely a fad that would give the facade of equality?


  • Socialism would reduce the divide between rich and poor
  • It gives low-income Americans the support that they need
  • Capitalism gives the wealthy a disproportionate advantage



  • Socialist policies result in high inflation
  • Socialism reduces incentives for innovation
  • Capitalism is a core part of American culture


National Debate Style of the Month: TABOO

Speakers must give their speeches without using certain “hot button” words typically used in correlation with the topic. The taboo words are chosen prior to the debate, and it is at the discretion of the convention organizer whether to release the taboo words to the speakers prior to entering the room. If the taboo words are used too many times, typically the offender performs some sort of light punishment, like singing a song or light calisthenics.

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