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April Thought Talk 

Prompt: What Can We Do to “Stop Asian Hate?  


The recent and tragic shootings in Atlanta and other recent acts of violence have illuminated a grave problem aggravated by the pandemic: violence against Asians, Asian-Americans, and Pacific Islanders (AAPI). Since the pandemic began, Anti-Asian hate crimes have spiked over 150%, and 68% of those hate crimes have been reported by women. Anti-Asian rhetoric has been ubiquitous throughout the pandemic, and for over 160 years people of Asian descent have been targets of racism and stereotyping in the United States. As students, we must be allies to the AAPI community. But how does one support AAPI advocacy groups and fight against anti-Asian racism? Discuss your experiences and the resources below with your Chapter, friends, and family.



*Resources Provided by the JSA Student Racial Justice Task Force

JSA’s Statements:

JSAF & the JSA Student Racial Justice Task Force Stand with the AAPI Community



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