National Cabinet

Laasya G.

National Director of Expansion

Laasya is a high school senior and is extremely excited to serve as the National Director of Expansion this year. Having been a MAS CIA Agent and MAS Director of Expansion, as well as having filled various positions in her chapter’s leadership, she’s looking forward to yet another year where chapter affairs control her life.

When she isn’t busy keeping her department on its toes, she’s researching political science and art history, or managing her school's newspaper, art and literature magazine, student-run art gallery, student council, and mock trial team — all while listening to Kacey Musgraves and drinking copious amounts of cold brew.

This year, Laasya can’t wait to work closely with some of her best friends and bring more chapters into JSA. She’s ready to get to work and if you’re reading this, PLEASE send her an expansion contact (she will love you forever).

Katie Z.

National Director of Technology

Katie is a high school senior and is beyond excited to serve as the National Director of Technology this year. She fell in love with JSA in her freshman year and has been extremely involved ever since. She is grateful to have found a community where she feels comfortable speaking about her beliefs.

In her sophomore year, Katie served as a Chapter Internal Affairs Agent for the New Jersey Region. In her junior year, she served as the Mid-Atlantic State Director of Communications and was the president of her JSA chapter. This year, she wants to use her technical skills to strengthen communication and engagement within the organization.

Outside of JSA, Katie is involved in research in artificial intelligence and robotics and enjoys creating websites. In her free time, she likes playing guitar, listening to music, and hiking in the Adirondacks.

Charles H.

National Director of Debate

Charles is a current senior in Plano, Texas. He has been dedicated to JSA for his entire high school career and most recently served as the Director of Debate for Texas JSA.

As Director of Debate for Texas JSA, Charles worked tirelessly to design innovative debate styles and manage successful events at unprecedented, tri-state, online conventions. Prior to serving as Director, Charles was a Debate Agent for the Texas JSA Cabinet and the Chapter President of Jasper HS JSA.

Outside of JSA, Charles is also involved in speech and debate (primarily in extemporaneous speaking). As National Director of Debate, Charles hopes to introduce a plethora of new initiatives and exciting new debate styles to make JSA debate more inclusive, inviting, engaging, and unforgettable!

Hannah C.

National Director of Fundraising

Hannah is a junior from New Jersey and is delighted to be serving as the national director of fundraising.

After attending her first convention, she knew she wanted to be part of this inclusive community that gives individuals a chance to voice their concerns on global issues. She enjoys listening to other people’s perspectives through debates and loves learning more about the world through the unique outlook she gains from JSA.

This year, she plans on using the knowledge she gained as a fundraising agent last year to make state-level fundraising more unified nationally. She also plans on emphasizing more fundraising initiatives with other departments, such as the activism department.

Outside of JSA, Hannah enjoys sleeping and trying out different Chipotle burrito combinations.

She is also a researcher at her local university student, human-computer interaction. She looks forward to a fun and productive year for JSA."

Debby C.

National Director of Grant Writing

Debby is a senior from central Ohio serving as the National Director of Grant Writing. Debby initially hesitated from joining JSA her freshman year as she wasn't fond of debating.

Still, a growing interest in politics and several passionate upperclassmen students opened her eyes to how JSA is so much more.

She regularly attended chapter meetings in her sophomore year and joined the ORV cabinet as a midyear CIA Agent, hoping to get as involved as possible. After attending the 2020 Montezuma Leadership Summit, Debby only wanted to dive deeper into JSA.

She became the Director of CIA and co-Chapter President of her chapter during her junior year, two unforgettable experiences for which she will be eternally grateful. Debby is beyond ecstatic to grow and make several more memories in JSA!

When she isn’t doing JSA or school, Debby can often be found baking, playing piano or guitar, and reading.

Hans B.N.

National Director of Publicity

Hans (he/him/his) is a senior in the Southern California state and is excited to be serving as this year’s National Director of Publicity. His JSA journey began his freshman year when his chemistry partner/chapter president forced him to attend a meeting; there, he observed students discourse on problems he didn't know existed. He was continually informed and motivated by the diverse views that the JSA environment provided.

Still, in PJ pants, Hans walked into Winter Congress 2020 and was enlightened by the passion and talent of the people that surrounded him. He witnessed diplomatic political interactions, which definitely did not occur at his family's gatherings. Afterward, joined the SoCal state cabinet in hopes of expanding and engaging the Channel Islands Region. JSA evolves his self-advocacy skills, which he uses to promote equity in his school district through Justice in the Classroom, a student coalition in his county.

As Director of Publicity, Hans hopes to make JSA more accessible by keeping all members updated and all events recorded. He also serves as his school's JSA chapter president. Outside of JSA, you’ll find Hans biking, cooking, thrifting, sewing, composting, or scheming to obtain a pet snail.

Elleen K.

National Director of Activities

Elleen Kim is a high school senior living in Texas. She is honored and excited to serve as the National Director of Activities since JSA programs hold a special place in her heart. This year, she hopes to integrate different JSA chapters, departments, and states in impactful supplementary programming.

Elleen first stumbled into JSA through JSA Summer School at Princeton after her freshman year, not knowing a single thing about the organization. She was enchanted by the spirited environment created by diverse, open-minded individuals and immediately joined her small school chapter the following school year. She served as a Texas Expansion Agent her sophomore year and as the Texas Director of Summer Schools her junior year. Elleen is a Montezuma Leadership Summit alumna and anticipates serving as her school Chapter President a second year. At this point, JSA is a de facto part of Elleen’s lifestyle and identity. She is incredibly thankful for the JSA summer program that started it all.

Outside of JSA, Elleen is a Texas All-State violinist and is working on a volunteering program to support isolated senior citizens. In her free time, Elleen loves to investigate skincare, learn new guitar chords, draw, and explore her neighborhood on long walks with her dog.