National Cabinet

Ella F.

Chief of Staff

Ella Foes is a senior at the Illinois Math and Science Academy, located in the heart of the Midwest State. Her first encounter with JSA was in December of her sophomore year when a classmate encouraged her to attend Fall State 2018; she quickly became enamored with the unique environment in JSA which simultaneously fostered discourse and activism while encouraging students to let their beliefs evolve. She immediately joined Midwest Cabinet as a Debate Agent, then attended the Montezuma Leadership Summit the following summer. In her junior year, Ella served as Chapter President at IMSA, Midwest Debate Director, and the Midwest Bill Director at MidHio Winter Congress 2020. This year, Ella is elated to continue her tenure as Chapter President while serving as the National Chief of Staff. Ella plans to work with the rest of the National Cabinet and Council of Governors to bring a data-driven approach to national initiatives to truly address the concerns and interests of delegates and guide effective development of JSA programs. She also plans to emphasize externalizing activities on the chapter, state, and national level by promoting community involvement and creating programs that help students foster skills that they can utilize beyond their experience in JSA.
Outside of JSA, Ella is also the founder and director of the first high school chapter of the ACLU in Illinois, the Director of Research for her school’s equity and diversity education board, and a content developer for an online publication about Generation Z. She is an avid proponent of the Oxford comma, lover of the color red, advocate for criminal law and prison reform, and a fan of alternative rock music and political podcasts.

Michelle S.

National Director of Supplementary Programs

Michelle Sun is a senior at Bellaire High School in Houston, Texas. She has been an avid participant in JSA since her freshman year, taking advantage of every JSA opportunity that comes her way. She has spent both her sophomore and junior year in the convention department of Texas JSA cabinet, focusing on convention logistics and activities. In the summer before her junior year, Michelle studied International Relations at Stern Summer School at Georgetown, and she instantly fell in love with JSAs summer program initiatives. Thus, she is beyond excited to be serving as your 2020-2021 JSA National Director of Supplementary Programs.

This year, Michelle hopes to revolutionize and expand the scope of her position as National Director of Supplementary Programs. With Covid-19, Michelle believes that there are limitless opportunities that JSA can take advantage of when it comes to program promotion and overall active engagement with its participants. Her main goals this year are to standardize supplemental programs logistics and to increase online engagement for JSA students across the country. Outside of JSA, Michelle enjoys choreographing dances for her school’s dance team, volunteering with her local democratic party, and focusing on fitness and healthy eating.

Angela W.

National Director of Activism

Angela is a Senior from the state of Texas and is the former and current National Director of Activism. She first joined JSA at the start of her sophomore year, starting up her chapter from the ground up as a chapter president. While the process was intimidating and uncertain, getting to attend her first Convention and first-handedly experiencing JSA’s thriving sense of community is what solidified her love for JSA, encouraging her to become a bigger part of the community as a whole. However, perhaps what has fueled Angela’s dedication and love for JSA the most has been a deep passion for activism and student engagement. Angela’s first introduction to National JSA was attending the 2019 Montezuma Leadership Summit, where she met so many like-minded high school students from around the nation. She has spent the past two and a half years serving the Activism Department in both State and National Cabinet, hoping to spend her last year of JSA service growing Activism to new heights.

Outside of JSA, Angela is an avid competitor in Speech and Debate and also teaches public speaking to elementary and middle school students over the weekends through her own student-run nonprofit, Be the Light Youth Association.

Cindy O.

National Director of Publicity

Cindy Oh is a Junior at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy. She started JSA during her Sophomore year after discovering the lively debates and activism projects that were held at JSA conventions. Afterward, she joined her Chapter (IMSA) as the Director of Publicity and joined the Midwest Cabinet as a Publicity Agent. This year, Cindy is thrilled to serve as the National Director of Publicity. She plans to expand the Social Media accounts of JSA and communicate efficiently with all JSA students over the states. Cindy’s goal is to work diligently with the rest of the National Cabinet and the State Cabinets to emphasize contact with media across the country to promote JSA nationwide.

Outside of JSA, Cindy is one of the co-founders of a Gender Equality club (GEN) that strives to create a welcoming place for all genders at IMSA, a passionate writer for the United Methodist News, and an advocate for racial equality and social justice. During her free time, Cindy enjoys playing tennis, choreographing dances for her school pep rallies and culture shows, and performing cello in her local community and beyond.

Sunny S.

National Director of Overseas Outreach

Sunny is a senior at Lake Ridge Academy. After jokingly joining JSA as the fun club on campus, Sunny has been a statesmen since his freshman yea. He has led his chapter as Chapter President in his sophomore year and this year as a junior, he served as the Assistant Chapter President. Sunny served on Ohio River Valley State cabinet for the last two years, before his appointment as National Director of Overseas Outreach. At Winter Congress 2020, Sunny also had the opportunity to lead the Democratic Party as the Dem. Party Chair.
Aside from JSA, Sunny is a 2x state level mock-trialer, and enjoys playing golf and tennis. Sunny serves as a consultant for the Ohio Democratic Party and has worked on numerous campaigns as a Field and Finance specialist. For Sunny its not merely the organization of JSA that keeps him coming for more, but rather the core ideals that define this organization and set it apart from other extracurriculars. It has allowed him to solidify his beliefs, while understanding the value in disagreeing. This spirit of debate led Sunny to serve the Republican Attorney General of Ohio as Teen Ambassador Board member. JSA has allowed Sunny the opportunity to truly discover his beliefs and he is honored to serve this year as the National Director of Overseas Outreach!

Aneetej A.

National Director of Expansion

Aneetej is a Junior at Dublin Coffman High School. As a freshman, Aneetej was looking for a club that he thought he would fit into, and his fondness for politics and public speaking quickly led him to join JSA. From his first convention, he knew that he had found a home in JSA. JSA allowed him to connect and discuss numerous topics with students from across the country with wildly different political views, and he knew soon after joining JSA that he wanted to help grow the organization. Aneetej attended the Montezuma Leadership Summit in 2019, and he joined the ORV cabinet as an Expansion Specialist the following year. He is currently serving as his school's chapter president. Aneetej has loved helping new chapters join JSA in his region, and cannot wait to help students across the nation find a home in JSA.

Outside of JSA, Aneetej enjoys playing golf, squash, building computers, serving on his student government as Vice President, and listening to music. This year as National Director of Expansion, Aneetej hopes to connect the state Directors of Expansion and create new methods to introduce new chapters into JSA!

I love JSA because it values diversity; each individual has their views and beliefs, and JSA brings us together to have an insightful discussion, and promote today's youth to make an impact on our future.

Mischa G.H.

National Director of Fundraising

Mischa has always been fascinated by the world of politics and truly found his calling at JSA. Eagerly joining as a freshman Mischa fell in love with the Junior State at his very first convention, spurring him to apply to cabinet as a freshman. Mischa had the honor to serve in the Southern California state debate department his freshman year making him one of the youngest cabinet members at the time. Throughout his high school JSA career, Mischa has dedicated himself to fundraising, having served as Deputy Director of Development his sophomore year and as one of Southern California JSA's Directors of Development his junior year, leading his state to great success. He has broad experience with JSA fundraising having worked on projects on the chapter, state, and national levels.

This year Mischa plans to lead JSA towards more unified fundraising across the country. One of JSA's greatest strengths is the expansive community it fosters, and Mischa wants to work towards mobilizing that community. Mischa enjoys volunteering for a variety of social and political causes including civil rights organizations, political candidates, and local officials. He is also very active in the Armenian community, participating in wide-ranging activism opportunities to do with the Armenian cause through school, local, and national advocacy organizations. In his spare time, Mischa enjoys reading, drawing, and listening to vinyl music. Mischa can't wait to help make the 2020-21 JSA year the most successful yet!

Tyler Y.

National Director of Debate

Tyler is a junior at Lake Ridge Academy in Cleveland, Ohio. He joined JSA as a freshman, as it seemed like the perfect mix between debate and civic engagement. He never could have seen the impact JSA would have on his life! Tyler joined the ORV State Cabinet during his sophomore year of high school, where he served as a debate specialist. He is thrilled to serve as this year's National Director of Debate! Tyler has a long list of initiatives and ideas that he can't wait to see JSAers engage in. He is looking forward to meeting students from across the nation and having an impact on this year's program!

Outside of JSA, Tyler runs cross country and does biomedical research. He plays several instruments, his favorite being piano and guitar. An avid Eagle Scout, you will often find Tyler hiking, fishing, and camping. He loves the legal side of politics and is a huge Supreme Court nerd. He can't help himself from jumping into a good debate! Tyler is honored to be a member of National Cabinet and is beyond ecstatic to be this year's National Director of Debate.