Academic Enrichment Activities

Excellence In The Classroom

First and foremost, every JSA Summer School program delivers an outstanding college-level academic experience. This includes providing students with significant instruction time in class from experienced college professors, who come from multiple universities across the country. Each of our classes challenges the student with the rigorous discourse, analysis, and activities that they’ll be expected to master at the college level. In short, JSA Summer School provides every student with the high-level of academic readiness that gets them prepared for success in college from Day One.


Going Beyond The Classroom – A Multidimensional Experience in Learning and Leadership

At JSA we believe that preparing high school students for academic success in college is critical, as for most of our summer school students it represents the next major step in their personal, intellectual and social development. But we also believe that success extends beyond college. We believe that there are values and skills and lessons that carry throughout the lifetime of each person, and indeed throughout the history of our cherished democracy. Through the extra-curricular learning activities that we integrate into each of our summer programs, we seek to provide students with a deeper foundation – a stronger set of tools, with which they are able to successfully build and actively lead the future of our democracy, no matter which career or life-path they choose.