JSA Impact Excursions

We recognize that there is great perspective and insight to be gained from future-oriented high school students when they are able to meet and listen to the best and brightest leaders in America. There are also rich lessons to be gained from these students actively participating in the vigorous debate of the major issues of the day. These are both important components in the expanded learning approach delivered through JSA Summer School programs. But going even further, walking in the places of history, power and achievement can build in one a profound sense of meaning and legacy for themselves.

At every JSA Summer Program, we bring students to the places where history has been made and is being made at the moment. It is our hope and belief that by being immersed in the physical locations of leadership, that students gain a respect and deference, but also a comfort and familiarity with the places where leadership takes place. And that they will not be intimidated by these places, but rather be motivated to work within them, to honor them and to extend their great legacies through their own leadership contributions in the future.