Application Instructions

Create a MyJSA account or login to begin your Summer Program application today!

Follow three easy steps to apply!

1. Create a MyJSA account. Your MyJSA account will allow you to start, save and continue your application online, at your convenience. Need help? Check out this video. Still having trouble? Email

a. Click the ‘Register Now’ link below the Login box on the right side of the page.

b. Fill out the signup form. Fields marked with a red line are required, everything else is optional. You will see a second page after clicking the red Sign Up button on the lower left. Once all the required fields are filled out, click the Sign Up button on the second page.

c. Once you’ve completed the Sign Up form, check for your MyJSA account confirmation email. Click the first link in the email to create your MyJSA account password.

*If you already have a MyJSA account go to step 2.


2. Start your application. Once logged in to your MyJSA account, click the ‘Start New Summer School Application’ link and provide the required information. Here's a video to help!

a. You have now successfully created your online application. You can either continue filling out the application, or click the ‘Save for Later’ link at the bottom of the application. If you save it for later, you will find your application under the ‘My Events’ tab when you login to your MyJSA account


3. Complete your application. In order to complete your application, you must fill out the ‘My Personal Data’ tab as well as complete or submit all the application requirements. If you need help completing your application check out our videos on the Teacher Recommendation and EssaySubmitting your Transcript and Next Steps, and Saving your Application for Later.

a. Once you have completed and submitted the application, JSA will notify you of your application status within two weeks.

Requirements for completing a Summer School application

Your application will be complete once:

You select the campus and course to which you are applying.

In the ‘Overview’ tab, select your desired course.

You have completed the “personal information” section.

In the ‘Recommendation’ tab, provide contact information for a counselor or teacher who will write a recommendation for you. The application will automatically send them an email with instructions for completing the recommendation. It’s a good idea to follow up with your counselor or teacher to make sure they received the recommendation email. If for some reason they did not receive the email, please have them contact us at for recommendation instructions.

You have submitted two short essays.

In the ‘Essay’ tab, write answers to both parts:

a. In 150 words or less, please tell us about your extracurricular activities and any leadership positions you hold or have held.

bWrite an essay of at least 500, but no more than 750 words about a political issue that you care about. The personal essay helps us understand you as a person and a student, aside from your grades.

We have received a copy of your high school transcript.

In the “Next Steps” tab you can upload a PDF or JPEG of your transcript under the “Upload Application Materials” section.


You can share your unique upload link (found in the “Upload Application Materials” section) with your school’s registrar, secretary or counselor for transcript submission.


Ask your school to mail, fax or email an official transcript to JSA (Please note this method can result in a processing delay of up to 5 business days). Our Admissions office is located at:

JSA Summer School
2001 S Street NW, Suite 510
Washington, D.C. 20009
Phone: 800-334-5353

We have received a recommendation from your teacher/counselor.

Completely fill out all required fields for teacher recommendations in the ‘My Personal Data’ tab.

We offer a rolling admissions process and are currently accepting applications for this upcoming summer. We will continue to accept applications until all spaces are filled, but we recommend that you complete your application as early as possible to ensure your preferred location and courses.

If you have questions about qualifications or the application process, give us a call:

  • 800-334-5353 (From inside the U.S)
  • 650-347-1600 (From outside the U.S.)

You can also email us at

We look forward to receiving your application!

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