Gene A. Burd Institute on Media & Politics

Program Overview 

The Gene A. Burd Institute on Media & Politics is an engaging and hands-on digital experience created to introduce students to the intricacies of media and its relationship to politics. This program includes a foundational introduction to journalism, the creation of editorial content, and the concepts of audience, medium, and product. Beyond the foundations of journalism, students will engage in discussions and activities around political and advocacy communication. Students will also have the chance to collaborate with their peers on projects including writing editorial content, creating podcasts and vlogs, and producing press events. 

In addition to experiential projects and instruction, students will have an opportunity to hear from current media professionals. Past presenters include Camille Hahn, Managing Editor of Ms. Magazine, Jeffrey Marcus, Editor, New York Times, Julie Mastrine,, Dan Schnur, Professor at Annenberg Center on Communication Leadership and Policy at USC, and Jonathan Karl, former White House Correspondent.


How Will it Work? 

The web-based version of the Burd Institute will include panel discussions, presentations from individuals, classroom learning, and various experiential learning activities aligned with all of the information being presented.  


Program Outcomes

  • Participants will understand and be better equipped to participate in government/politics at the national, state, and local levels
  • Participants will be able to lead and participate in civil conversations with people from different backgrounds and perspectives
  • Participants will learn and demonstrate effective, 21st-century leadership skills
  • Participants will develop and hone essential critical thinking skills and be ready to address current and future political, economic, and social issues facing the world
  • Students will be better suited to succeed in secondary and post-secondary education environments
  • Classroom educators will increase their ability/capacity to deliver engaging civic leadership lessons in the learning environment