Summer Schools

JSA Summer Schools — Since 1941

JSA Summer School gives students access to rigorous college-level classes on the campuses of some of the most prestigious universities in the world. In addition to classes in topics like international relations, constitutional law and speech & political communication, speakers programs, debate workshops, and social activities help equip students with vital leadership skills while forming lasting friendships and memories.

During a summer with JSA, you’ll meet and question leaders who make and influence public policy—like elected officials, journalists, lobbyists and military strategists.

Inside the classroom, you’ll also develop a more sophisticated understanding of international relations, economics, the media, and other important topics. Classes, taught by real college professors, are often discussion based and require you to deeply engage with assigned readings. This approach prepares you for the kinds of classes you might take at the college level and will also hone your analytical reading and writing skills.

JSA Summer Schools are held on the campuses of two renowned universities: Georgetown and Stanford. You’ll move into the dorms, gain access to the gym and other student-only facilities and learn what a campus meal plan is like. This rich experience will help prepare you for life on a university campus and give you a taste of the independence–and adjustments–that await at college and beyond.