Lessons that Last and Lifetime

There are many unique benefits that students take away from attending our summer programs. We give serious thought, and work diligently to deliver meaningful benefits that have both immediate positive impact and long-term value to every student who attends our summer programs.

Below is a breakdown of some of the key benefits we provide, how they’re delivered, and why they can make a difference for you.

Importantly, these are not just claims we make for ourselves. They’ve been validated and proven again and again by JSA summer school graduates themselves, their parents, educators, and former alumni. In addition to reviewing the benefits we’ve listed here below, we invite you to please review the Testimonials page, which you’ll find here in this section of the site.

Preparation for the Challenge of College Life

Surrounded by a diverse group of students who share your passion for politics and concern for the world and national affairs, you’ll be challenged by a rigorous academic curriculum in an encouraging and cooperative environment. You will live in a college dorm room, learn from university professors, and develop a new sense of personal responsibility. Beginning with the application process, every component of the program is designed to prepare students for success at the university level and beyond.

Summer School Community

Each summer, the students, faculty and resident assistants who participate in the Junior State Summer School create a unique and vibrant community, one where leadership and friendship, teaching and mentoring go hand in hand. Getting to know your peers is one of the most exciting and rewarding aspects of the Junior Statesmen experience. Playing soccer on the lawn, debating ideas over lunch in the cafeteria, or writing a skit for the Talent Show… each day brings new challenges and opportunities. In 2014, students from 47 states, 7 U.S. Territories and 15 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas attended the program.

Incubator for Tomorrow’s Leaders

If politics is your passion and you aspire to a career in public service, the Junior Statesmen Summer School is an invaluable head start. The course work will provide the knowledge to help you analyze current events and public policy. Interactive learning activities help you build the skills, character and confidence you need to be an effective leader. The friends you make at the program will be with you and support you through out your life as our graduates go on to success in politics, law, business, academia, journalism and many other fields.

Outstanding Faculty

The professors at the Summer School are recruited from universities around the nation and thrive on classroom teaching. Small classes foster intellectual inquiry and the role of professors as mentors. Through lectures, class discussion and group activities, you will explore the ins and outs of politics and debate. Experts in their field, professors live on campus and form close working relationships with students. Because of limited class sizes and the residential nature of the program, they are able to provide academic guidance both in and out of the classroom. Don’t be surprised to find your professor taking questions in the lounge after class, sitting with students in the dining hall, or helping students research in the library.

High-Level Political Discourse

Informed political discussion strengthens a democratic society and the Summer School provides the right atmosphere to foster intelligent conversations about politics and government. Students gain the insight to go beyond sound bites and analyze the punditry that permeates the news media and the internet. Inside and outside of the classroom, opinionated and articulate students express their opinions, challenge their assumptions and learn from each other’s experiences. Views and values from across the political spectrum and from those who have yet to subscribe to one particular ideology fuel a dynamic and stimulating learning environment.