The JSA Community

Active and Engaged Communities

At JSA, we foster active participation in communities, and strive to develop leaders who are engaged in community issues. There are, in fact, multiple communities within the JSA organization, all of which support, strengthen, and contribute to the vibrancy of each other. Whether you’re a current Summer School attendee, a member of a local JSA high school chapter, or an alum from past programs, we want to thank you for your involvement in JSA and for participating in the mission to keep the principles of democracy strong within your community and across the nation.

Summer School Community

Each summer, the students, faculty and resident assistants who participate in the Junior State of America Summer School create a unique and vibrant community, one where leadership and friendship, teaching and mentoring go hand in hand. Getting to know your peers is one of the most exciting and rewarding aspects of the JSA experience. Playing soccer on the lawn, debating ideas over lunch in the cafeteria, or writing a skit for the Talent Show . . . each day brings new challenges and opportunities. In 2014, students from 47 states, 7 U.S. Territories and 15 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas attended the program.


JSA High School Chapters & Scholars

JSA has over 500 student-run high school chapters across America. We are deeply honored to support each of them and to provide guidance for their on-going vitality. At JSA, however, ‘Community’ is more than a count of local chapters; it is a mission. We challenge America’s best and brightest young people to lead the future. We provide them education, training, and forums to build their awareness of civic responsibility and to discover their public voice; and to apply these assets for the good of the broader communities they live in, their states and the nation as a whole.

Alumni Community

JSA’s community of over 500,000 alumni is made of active scholars, professionals and engaged citizens. We are a national and worldwide community of people who work, both individually and collectively, to build and reinforce each coming generations awareness and understanding of the remarkable legacy of democracy that we have inherited, and all of our responsibilities in ensuring that this living endowment of self-determination is refreshed and sustained to be carried forward.

If you’d like to speak with JSA Summer Program Alumni to learn about their experiences, the benefits, and the value they gained from attending a summer school program, please contact us. We’d be happy to arrange a conversation.