Adventures Everyday...

The JSA Summer School experience is unlike any other. Beginning with the students themselves, excellence and a spirit of possibility and responsibility define the program.

At JSA Summer School we provide students with a comprehensive program designed to create a transformational experience. More than just a class plus some added stuff to do, JSA Summer Schools integrate each component of the program – class lectures, debates, speakers, excursions and social activities – so that the students’ learning experience goes deeper and stays with them throughout college and well beyond.

Plus, the JSA experience doesn’t end at one of our summer programs. Each program provides a unique contextual framework that allows students to come back to JSA Summer again and again and still gain new experiences, deeper insights and tremendous applicable value.

Finally, JSA is much, much more than a college-preparatory summer school program. It’s a community of friendship and engagement that lasts a lifetime. JSA has been building leaders in our democracy for 80 years. There are over 500 JSA high school chapters across America, and over 500,000 JSA alumni. Today, JSA is the largest student-run organization in America. When you come to a JSA Summer Program, you’re not just a student, you’re part of an on-going legacy in strengthening the fabric of democracy, liberty and prosperity – for yourself, your community and the nation.