“Summer School fosters an incredible sense of community that unites high school students over a common interest in politics and current events. I was able to bring back this amazing JSA spirit to my high school, which was an irreplaceable source of growth and inspiration for our JSA Chapter.”

Julianna J.
Graduate – JSA Summer School at Georgetown
Emory University

“Whether I was meeting with an Assistant Secretary of State or sitting in my Congressman’s office talking to him about policy initiatives, JSA Summer School gave me the opportunity not only to learn and understand politics, but to experience it first hand.”

Shawn R.
Graduate – JSA Summer School at Georgetown
The George Washington University

“JSA Summer School gave me the tools to succeed in high school, and now as a college undergrad.”

Issy F.
Graduate – JSA Summer School
University of San Francisco

“The JSA Diplomat Program in Beijing, China totally transformed my view of the world. I will be forever grateful for the inspiration, friendship, and cultural understanding I gained in China. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Nora L.
Graduate – JSA Diplomat Summer School

“I truly believe I learned more in three weeks at JSA Summer School than I had in three years in high school. Being with fellow students created the most intellectually-stimulating, diverse, and fun communities. I would recommend JSA Summer School not just for its core program, but also the political opportunities it supplies and the great people you will meet.”

Neshal P.
Graduate – JSA Summer School

“I raised every single penny of the tuition. I got a scholarship from JSA and wrote letters to organizations to help raise the money. Lots of organizations like to know the next generation is doing something with themselves.”

Marissa E.
Graduate – JSA Summer School
2013 Graduate of Marquette University

“Being surrounded by young scholars from around the world and college professors not only gave me a chance to learn about our country’s past, but also to live it by visiting historical landmarks and staying at the university for an entire month. By the end of the A.P. U.S. History Program, I can say that I am now better prepared for the AP exam in May and that the fundraising effort to get there were all worthwhile.”

Kevin C.
Graduate of the JSA Summer School – AP US History Program


I saw my daughter’s self-confidence absolutely skyrocket when she went to JSA Summer School.

Ms. Conway
Mother of JSA Summer School at Stanford Graduate

Three of my boys have enjoyed JSA so much that their cousin also attended the Princeton and Georgetown programs, and they’ve gotten a bunch of their friends to do it over the years. I have also never seen a program run more safely for the young people attending.

Mrs. Alanna L.
Mother of 3 JSA Summer School Graduates

I have three teenage kids, and I know they have a lot of choices for summer programs. I would say without a doubt that JSA Summer School is the program for kids who are really interested in politics, government and public affairs.

Mike McCurry
Former White House Press Secretary for President Clinton


The first thing I tell students is they will be treated as if they are in my university course. That’s the way it is every day. No matter what their major will be at the university level, JSA Summer School will come in handy.

Dr. Danny Adkinson
Oklahoma State University Professor

From the first day, I say I will treat them as I do my college students, and I expect them to meet that level of performance. And every year, they do.

Dr. Martin Sheffer
Author & Professor

In and out of the classroom, they’re learning a lot about life skills, time management, study habits, themselves, what interests they might have, what majors they might want to pursue and what futures they ultimately want to have.

Dr. Abigail Pfiester
University of Texas Professor