An Invaluable Experience

JSA Summer Programs provide value in many ways. They deliver high impact benefits, critical skills, essential tools and powerful experiences to high school students looking to succeed in college and beyond. We’re committed to upholding the highest quality and standards.

Also important, as a non-profit organization, we do not base tuition pricing on a profit motive, but rather seek to provide value by making our programs economically accessible to all students who are academically qualified and who want to attend. Stated plainly, JSA is about the mission, not the money. A recent review of 2014 summer program tuition rates found that our tuition rates are often substantially lower than those of other comparable programs. With the generous support from our alumni, we also provide tuition support in the form of scholarships for children who qualify. Finally, we provide fundraising support to all students, which can substantially offset or eliminate out-of-pocket tuition costs.


Quality & Affordability

  • Highest caliber college-level academics, including Advanced Placement programs – plus life skills development
  • People who deliver high impact learning experiences and who inspire, motivate and instill democratic values
  • Students of the highest character and caliber
  • Activities that individually and collectively deliver powerful outcomes that give students significant advantages as they go to college.
  • Focus on developing civic engagement, conscientiousness, and leadership, that builds deep understanding of how to engage, express and lead within the modern American, democratic system
  • Environments that foster the highest intellectual achievement and hold the most significant historical relevance, with 5 world-class campuses to choose from
  • Outstanding speaker’s program
  • High Impact excursions to the most historically significant, and modernly dynamic places in America
  • Tuition rates that are generally lower than other comparable pre-college summer programs and high levels of support for reducing out-of-pocket costs.
  • A Strong, vibrant community of 500,000 alumni
  • On-going JSA activities and events beyond summer school

We hope you’ll take a moment to review and consider the details about our people and the program offerings, which you’ll find in other sections of this website. They provide additional specifics on how JSA Summer Programs continue to deliver on an on-going commitment to value through providing high quality and high impact results, combined with affordable pricing and tuition support.