JSA Chapters

What are JSA Chapters?

JSA Chapters serve as centers of political awareness and activity on high school campuses across the nation. There are more than 400 JSA Chapters located in 35 states and eight territories.

Students come to weekly meetings to discuss current events, debate controversial issues, educate and involve themselves and their peers in politics and government. A Junior State Chapter is a great addition to any high school community: it allows students to express their opinions in a comfortable environment, develop leadership skills, and is also a great supplement to the school’s social studies curriculum.

Find a JSA Chapter

JSA Chapters are the heart of the organization.

On high school campuses across the country, students learn the basics of debate, develop their public speaking skills and interact with peers across the political spectrum. JSA members are passionate about politics, volunteering, leading and changing their community, nation, and the world.

Starting a JSA Chapter

Download our Chapter Startup Guide for more details and resources on starting a JSA Chapter at your school.

Secure a Teacher Advisor

Your Teacher Advisor will serve as your mentor, chaperone, and liaison to the school administration. They are also often your Chapter’s biggest supporter. Learn more about the Teacher Advisor Responsibilities.

Organize a Founders Meeting

Coordinate a well-planned meeting with interested students to share information about JSA. This meeting should include your Teacher Advisor and at least three to five other students. Get everyone excited about JSA by providing brochures and explaining the benefits of a JSA Chapter to the school and community.

Already a JSA Chapter?

Find resources to help you run meetings effectively and recruit new members. Check out our Chapter Resources.