Registration Instructions

Before you Begin

Chapter Presidents, Teacher Advisors and Chapter Members each have a role in registering for a convention. All student participants from each high school and their Teacher/Advisor(s) will register as a group online using MyJSA at  Chapter presidents and Teacher Advisors will register their chapters online through MyJSA, making sure to complete registration by the deadline. If you are unsure of your state's registration deadline, please contact your program director. Chapter Members will individually complete the registration packet.

Pre-Convention Tips for Chapter Presidents
At the Beginning of the School Year

Check school policy on overnight trips

Determine how to secure approval to attend overnight conventions. TAs should check with their school administration about policies and procedures regarding overnight conventions. What does your Chapter need to attend overnight conventions and review any relevant school or district policies? Review convention dates and locations.

Review how to secure transportation. Sometimes transportation must be scheduled far in advance of conventions. Check with the appropriate personnel at your school about booking buses or securing approval for parents to drive.

Permission Forms and Liability. JSA requires a permission slip for each attendee. Determine if your school or district requires additional permission forms to be submitted.

Announce convention dates to your chapter.  Dates and locations may be found on the Calendar or by contacting your region’s Program Director.

Before the Convention

Work with your chapter leadership to register for the convention and review convention policies with your chapter.

Before You Register…

Convention registration usually closes one month before a convention takes place. Your region’s Program Director can help you with any issues or questions that you have about convention registration.

Registration Packet. Download your region’s registration packet from the Downloads page. The packet includes convention fees.

Announce Convention. Distribute the registration packet to your chapter members and review convention dates and deadlines.

Scholarships. Explain your region’s process for scholarship applications. Most regions offer scholarships for students to attend conventions. Contact your Program Director for more information.

First Steps

Please work with your chapter to submit your registration in a timely fashion. Keep your Program Director in the loop about any potential issues.

Determine Attendees: figure out who will attend the convention (including potential chaperones).

Create MyJSA Accounts: all students attending the convention are required to create a MyJSA account. You can create your account at Students should use correct information and their primary e­mail account to register. It is important that they list their contact information correctly in case of an emergency.

Collect Payments: checks can be made out to JSA; credit card payments may be made over the phone by calling the JSA office at (800) 334-­5353. JSA recommends collecting payments and permission forms before registering your chapter in order to have a more accurate count of delegates who plan to attend.

Collect Parent Permission Forms: located in the registration packet.

Register on MyJSA: You or your Chapter President can register by logging into MyJSA at

  • Select the convention to attend
  • Select your delegates from the drop-down list (this list shows MyJSA accounts for students associated with your school that have not yet graduated)
  • Assign delegates to rooms by gender
  • Please try to keep rooms as full as possible in order to help cut down on costs!
  • Submit the registration

What To Turn In

After submitting your registration information online.
Make a copy of each item for your records – keep a record of payments submitted.

Item 1: Permission slip for each student, signed by the student and a parent or guardian. Please, make copies of the permission slip from the registration packet and give to delegates or request extras from the JSA Office.  Please do not fax signed permission slips.

Item 2: Teacher/Advisor Responsibilities Form.  Use the copy from the registration packet.

Item 3: Payment in full for each registered delegate (see Payment Options below) or evidence that you’ve made arrangements to have a check sent, such as a Purchase Order.  Don’t postpone submitting your registration materials if there will be a delay in the school issuing a check.  Submit your materials with a Purchase Order number issued by the school, or fax us a copy of the check request submitted to your school accounting office.

Item 4: Payment in full for membership taxes and a completed tax form. Please remember to mark all of your members as tax-paid on the My Chapter tab of MyJSA.

Payment Options

School Check — ONE inclusive check payable to The Junior State of America from the school. If your school cannot process your check request before the registration deadline, fax a copy of the documentation showing that you have arranged with the school to send the check, plus a guarantee from the school that payment will be received before the start of the convention.

Purchase Order – A school purchase order (must be payable within 30 days of the registration deadline)

Personal Check – ONE inclusive check payable to The Junior State from a parent or teacher (delegates will pay that individual).

Credit Card – JSA will accept credit card payments for registration by phone.  Please call (800) 334-5353.

Do not send individual multiple personal checks from the delegates.  Do not send cash. Your delegation will not be registered until payment is received in one of the forms listed above.

Forms and Payment

For Northern California, Southern California, Pacific Northwest, and Texas

The Junior State of America
70 Washington Street, Suite 320
Oakland, CA 94607
Fax: (650) 347-7200

For Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, Southeast, Ohio River Valley and Midwest

The Junior State of America
2001 S Street NW, Suite 510