JSA Cabinet

Grow your leadership

JSA Cabinet is a great way for students to get more involved in JSA and develop management and leadership skills.

Each JSA Governor appoints students to help them lead. Students are appointed to lead and contribute to initiatives on activism, starting new JSA chapters, and promoting JSA.

Cabinet positions are available at the national, state and local level. Imitating the U.S. federal system, cabinets are organized into individual departments, led by a director. Departments vary by state.

Student-run, Student-led

At the heart of JSA's student-run model are multiple opportunities for members to learn critical skills of planning, time management, critical thinking, and team management. Cabinets are directed and led by JSA members.

Cabinet FAQs

What is JSA Cabinet?

JSA Cabinet is the administrative body of JSA. Each state forms a Cabinet made up of various state members typically based on an application in the summer. Cabinet is responsible for the planning and execution of JSA state conventions, along with producing state publicity content, leading student fundraising, providing organizational aid to chapter operations, coordinating JSA’s state and national activism initiatives, and more.

What positions are available on Cabinet?

Cabinet structures vary slightly across various states, but generally, all states have positions distributed into specialized “departments.” These departments often are delineated by the following subsets of JSA:

  • Chapter Affairs
  • Expansion
  • Debate
  • Activism
  • Fundraising
  • Technology / Graphics
  • Convention Organization
  • Communications / Public Relations
  • Summer School
What is the time commitment to serve on Cabinet?

Though it varies between roles, generally expect a few hours of work per week.

Who can apply for JSA Cabinet?

Anyone! Some convention experience is often desired but not required for applicants. A considerable amount of commitment to chapter-level JSA (e.g. in the form of meeting attendance and participation) is also a common prerequisite to Cabinet acceptance.

What are the benefits of joining JSA Cabinet?

While there are no insurance premiums associated with JSA Cabinet, joining it has a number of excellent benefits in terms of personal and leadership development. Cabinet membership encourages the development of organizational and leadership skills and provides a convenient forum to exercise the soft skills needed in a professional working environment. Of course, Cabinet members gain a greater understanding of JSA and have the opportunity to clearly impact and shape a valuable and important organization like JSA. Cabinet is also a magnificent community to be apart of, as it is filled with other dedicated, awe-inspiring teenagers that very well may become your best friends.