JSA States & Elected Officials

JSA States & Elected Officials

JSA is divided into 10 states, led by an elected Governor and appointed Cabinet members. Chapters collectively form regions within the states and are responsible for planning and executing events and activities including conferences and national activism projects.

As a student-run organization, JSA members, under the leadership of the Council of Governors (body of the 10 elected Governors), initiate, plan, and implement activities, conferences, and make policy recommendations. A JSA student sits on the JSAF Board of Directors and as a Trustee.

The Junior State of America is composed of ten states and territories that together from the national organization.
These states (Arizona Territory, Pacific Northwest, Northern California, Southern California, Texas, Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, Midwest, Ohio River Valley, and the Southeast Territory) are separate entities with separate governments. Each state or territory has its own constitution that broadly outlines its governing protocol. The vast majority of power lies with the individual states and territories.


JSA Arizona includes the states of Arizona and New Mexico.

JSA Elected Officials

Rebecca S.| Lieutenant Governor


The Mid-Atlantic, known commonly as the MAS, is composed of two separate regions: the New Jersey Region (NJR) and the South Atlantic. The NJR has two cabinets that are responsible for communicating with chapters and planning one-day events, while the South Atlantic has one cabinet responsible for communicating with chapters.

JSA Elected Officials 

Meha P.| Lieutenant Governor

Archit M.|Speaker of the State Assembly 

Naomi G.|South Atlantic Executive 

William Y. | New Jersey Region Mayor

Gauri L. | New Jersey Region Vice Mayor   


The Midwest State of the Junior State of America encompasses Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Nebraska, and Missouri.

JSA Elected Officials

Zander S.| Lieutenant Governor 


The Empire Constitution Region consists of chapters in New York and Connecticut, while the NER spans Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Maine.

JSA Elected Officials 

Peggy L.| Lieutenant Governor 

Scott W.| NES ECR Vice Mayor

Caroline R.| NER Mayor

Orion D.| New England Region Vice Mayor 


Northern California

Northern California is the oldest state of JSA. It stretches from the northern border of California to San Luis Obispo County in the south.

JSA Elected Officials

Isabella (Izzy) T. | Lieutenant Governor 

Jackson B. | East Bay Region Mayor 

Gus C. | Greater California Region Mayor 

Aidan H. M. |East Bay Region Senator

Lily O. | Golden Gate Region Senator 

Sydney R. | Golden Gate Region Senator 

Sean N. | Senator 

Akhil T. | Eastern Bay Region Vice Mayor 

Anita B. | Golden Gate Region Mayor 

Maggie P. | Vice Mayor for the Golden Gate Region 

Micah L. | Central Valley Region Senator  

Bruno M. | GCR Senator 

Roxana A. | EBR Senator 

Matthew A. | Speaker of the Council of Chapter Presidents 

Ohio River Valley

The Ohio River Valley includes chapters within the state boundaries of Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, and any chapters of Southeastern Indiana.

Elected Officials  

Melissa Y.| Lieutenant Governor 

Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwestern State is currently one of the Junior State of America’s largest affiliates, encompassing over 50 chapters over three geographical divisions: The Great Pacific Region, The Inland Empire Region, and Oregon Empire.

JSA Elected Officials 

Niyati T.|GPR Mayor

Brian X.| Oregon Mayor



The Southeast is one of JSA's newest areas. It encompasses chapters in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Georgia.

JSA Elected Officials 

Louis C.| Lieutenant Governor 

Southern California

The Southern California state includes Orange County, Greater Los Angeles County, San Diego, and Las Vegas.

JSA Elected Officials

Wellington U. | Lieutenant Governor

Miranda C. | Vice Mayor 

Kayla C. | Angeles Region Senator 

Audrey L. | Angeles Region Mayor

Nour R. | CIR Senator

Rena C. | SER Vice Mayor

Emily P. | CIR Senator

Kyle  C. | SER Senator

Bella B. | Speaker of the Assembly  





The Texas region encompasses the entirety of the Lone Star State along with  Colorado, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

JSA Elected Officials

Logan G.| Lieutenant Governor 

Dian Y.| GCR Mayor 

Serge F.| GCR Senator 

Shravya A.| Texas Speaker of the House 

Lauren M.|RGC Senator 

Kyle L.| PMC Senator 

Alexa Z.| Rio Grande County Senator 

Omar B.| GCR Senator 

Fabiana A.R.| ACR Mayor 

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