Speakers Program Dress Code

What to wear?

JSA Dress Code for formal days such as speaker days, graduation, and main debate days follow a 'business casual' dress code. Below are some great examples of Summer School Alumni dressed in appropriate attire.

There are many other clothing variations appropriate to wear besides those pictured above. The questions to keep in mind before packing: would i wear this to a job or college interview? If i were to run into a former president, am I photo-op ready? would my RA ask me to change ?

If you have any doubts, the safest option is to pack a different outfit.



It is very easy to follow an appropriate 'business casual' dress code, here are a few helpful tips to remember in order look your best at JSA Summer School

  • Wear comfortable shoes!

You will be doing lots of walking, so stick to flats and short heels, and make sure you break in your dress shoes beforehand!

  • Bring a blazer/suit jacket!

JSA understands that jackets are expensive and not all students are able to acquire one, that’s okay.

  • Make sure your dress/skirt passes the fingertip test.

If you were standing straight up, and your arms were to your sides, your dress/skirt should not be shorter than your where your fingertips land.

  • Wear flip-flops, super-high heels, sandals, or tennis shoes!
  • Wear shorts or jeans, ever.
  • Forget your belt!