Fundraising can significantly offset out of pocket costs!

We recognize the challenge of local fundraising and offer help to students who endeavor to raise funds locally. Through a series of webinars, students and their parents can participate in the Junior State Fundraising Academy and put together a fundraising strategy to raise the portion of the tuition not covered by your family’s funds and your scholarship award.

With the help of our step-by-step Fundraising Manual, combined with the personal assistance offered by our friendly and experienced staff, a majority of students are able to raise the necessary tuition funds, and significantly reduce, or completely eliminate, the out of pocket cost to their family.

Last year, students attending JSA Summer School collectively raised nearly $250,000 towards tuition costs! One of the keys to success is to start fundraising early.

100% of funds raised go towards your tuition.

JSA Fundraising Academy Coming in February