Summer Institutes

Concise Programs on Leadership and Politics

JSA Summer Institutes give students a short, focused program on governance and key components of the political system. Programs range from four to five days long, and each combines a speakers program with interactive student activities, offering a unique perspective on the political issues facing Americans today.

During the program, you’ll meet and question leaders who make and influence public policy—like elected officials, journalists, lobbyists and military strategists. This access to real-world political leadership is complemented by simulations like crisis scenarios and budget negotiations, student-run debates, and social activities that help you meet interesting students from across the U.S.

A focus on specific issues drives each JSA Summer Institute, giving students a chance to become experts in the topic of their choice.

2019 JSA Summer Institutes:

2019 Summer Institutes have yet to be announced. Please check back in the spring.

Go beyond the sound bites offered by media pundits to gain a complete understanding of important issues directly from the decision makers and power brokers who shape public policy.