National Civic Leadership Institute

Inaugural Civic Leadership Institute

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The program runs from July 31st - August 3rd.


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The National Civic Leadership Institute is an exciting exploration of issues surrounding Leadership and Politics. The NCLI will be launching its inaugural summer session in 2020. It begins with an orientation on the issues and personalities that dominate the political landscape. During the Institute, you will have an opportunity to meet and question the powerful leaders from politics, government, business and the media.
Topics of discussion and debate will center around Politics and Leadership. Each evening, the Institute staff will lead a simulation or discussion based on an issue of importance, as well as conduct small group discussions on the speakers and topics of the day. These sessions help draw educational lessons from the day’s events and prepare students for the next day’s speakers. You will also probe the opinions of your peers in lively discussions and debates on current issues in the news.
While the Institute is not heavily academic, most of your days and evenings are filled with educational activities. Living and learning with other high school students from all over the US, you are certain to make many friends and hear a variety of political perspectives.