Young Women’s Leadership Institute

Virtual Young Women's Leadership Institute

Pre-College Women's Leadership Institute for High School Students

Fast Facts  


  • July 8th-August 5th

  • Sept 5th - 19th

Location: Virtually

Tuition: $225.00


On the heels of 2018, a historic year for women in politics and leadership, JSA launched its Young Women’s Leadership Institute. By engaging young women with a passion for politics and public life, we aim to support the emergence of a new generation of leaders in a variety of fields, with a specific focus on the opportunities and challenges that arise for women, as well as the value of building a supportive network of peers.

This year, we are launching an online institute that includes a digital community space to share ideas and interact and network with young and seasoned women leaders

This institute offers a holistic approach to providing guidance on strengthening all aspects of young women’s leadership abilities. This development comes in the form of:

  • Networking with young women from across the country who are dedicated to making a difference in their communities and the world at large.
  • Learning about the art of women’s leadership, how to deal with gender inequality, and turning workplace challenges into opportunities from accomplished women in their field.
  • Gaining practical real-world knowledge through conversations and networking with women leaders from a broad array of roles and sectors.
  • Engaging in reflective activities to ​gain insight into personal leadership strengths​, ​styles​ and development opportunities

How will it work?

The web-based version of YWLI will be a 30-day engagement which will include panel discussions, presentations from women leaders, classroom learning, and various experiential learning activities aligned with all of the information being presented. 

Curricular Theme: Leading During Crisis

Module 1: Know Thyself
  • Identify Leadership Style (need web-based leadership inventory)
  • How does my style lead to success and challenges in leading teams and people?
  • Identify significant leadership to address/overcome
  • Understanding leadership- (explore various leadership models/theories)
  • Practical Application
Module 2: Leading Through Crisis
  • Leading during periods of change (planned change versus tumultuous times)
  • Practical Application:
  • Panel/Thought Talk
  • Communications Practice: Debate
Module 3: Leadership and Gender
  • Unique challenges associated with being a woman leader (imposter syndrome, assertive communication style, pay gap)
  • Practical Application:
  • Panel/Thought Talk:
  • Communications Practice: Debate