Freshman Scholars Program

Freshman Scholars Program at Princeton University - Rising 9th Grade Summer Programs

Fast Facts


July 14h - August 4th, 2019


Tuition Includes: Tuition for the program is $5,650, which includes room and board (three weeks of housing and three meals per day at the campus cafeteria), transportation during speakers days, and all textbooks needed for the course, and costs of administering the program.
Not Included: Airfare, off-campus meals and entertainment and transportation to and from the Summer School.


AP US Government* (Taught by a college professor).

* The Freshman Scholars Program is specifically designed for students entering 9th grade, and as such, AP US Government is the only course offered. Students in other grades may apply to the Princeton Program, which offers other courses.

For over 80 years, JSA has been preparing young people for leadership and academic success. The JSA Freshman Scholars Program offers academically talented 8th-grade students a challenging and enriching experience.

  • Specifically designed for students entering the ninth grade in the Fall of 2019
  • Small, close-knit cohort
  • Located on campus at Princeton University
  • Experience a taste of high school and college life – preparation for the future!

Here’s what a parent had to say about our Summer Programs:

“My son attended two consecutive JSA Summer Programs, the Freshman Scholars Program at Princeton and the High School program at Georgetown. These programs have had a significant positive impact on his development both academically and personally.

JSA Summer Programs combine challenging academics that develop critical thinking, with social time with young people of similar interests but different backgrounds. Also, JSA Summer Programs offer a great college campus experience that prepares kids for an easier transition from grade school to high school and college life.”

– Roberto Ruiz, Sr., Parent of a JSA Summer School Student

Who supervises students?

JSA Staff and Resident Advisors reside in the dorms with students. They are available 24 hours a day and are responsible for the health and safety of the students. Faculty and staff members actively participate in non-academic aspects of the program, including recreation, social activities, and off-campus activities. Students have a meeting every night with their Resident Advisors and have a 10:00 p.m. curfew after which they may not leave their rooms.

Is financial aid available?

Yes, each summer the Junior Statesmen Foundation awards over $750,000 in partial scholarships to students who want to attend the program. In addition, JSA provides free fundraising tools and training to help students raise funds in their own communities. In 2017, students raised nearly $200,000!

Applicants should be entering the 9th grade and have an expected high school graduation year of 2022.

Student Life

Princeton’s stunning historic campus will give you sweeping lawns, castle-like buildings draped in ivy, and the serenity of a quiet New England town. Students who attend JSA Summer School at Princeton encounter a balance of the historical America, and the modern America, all while sharpening knowledge and skills in one of the most intellectually inspiring environments in the world.

During JSA’s program, you’ll also travel to New York City and have a chance to hear from business leaders, journalists at top newspapers, and local organizations thinking creatively about politics and policy.

Speakers Program

Hear what the leaders who shape our nation and world today have to say–and ask them questions to gain a deeper insight into their perspectives and convictions.

Two days of the program are spent in New York City visiting speakers, including trips to the United Nations and Wall Street. You’ll hear from lobbyists and political leaders as well as military experts, journalists and policy analysts, all of them there to talk about the arcs of their careers and how they grapple with various policies affecting the U.S. government on a local, national, and international level.

Debate Workshop

At JSA Summer School, you’ll meet for “Debate Workshop” 2-3 times a week to hone your public speaking and argumentation skills. During these hourlong sessions, you and your peers will put your knowledge into action by learning to share and compare ideas with passion and conviction as well as civility, respect and tolerance.

You will make leadership decisions and will be responsible for the outcomes. This experience strengthens real-world success skills in analysis, communication, negotiation, persuasion, decisiveness, and partnership. It is a distinct experience that sets JSA Summer School apart and is built to ensure that the learning experience takes you beyond the classroom.