JSA Summer School located at Stanford University

Pre-College Academic Experience for High School Students

Fast Facts


Tuition for the program is $5,650, which includes room and board (three weeks of housing and three meals per day at the campus cafeteria), transportation during speakers days, and all textbooks needed for the course, and costs of administering the program.


The program runs from Sunday, July 5th to Sunday, July 26th.

Courses Offered
  • AP U.S. Government and Politics
  • AP Macroeconomics
  • International Relations
  • Speech and Political Communication

Campus Culture

Stanford University’s campus typified by palm trees, red-tiled roofs and perpetually sunny days. In the center of this idyllic California landscape, some of the most innovative minds in the world are busy imagining, testing and creating bold new solutions for today’s toughest challenges and biggest opportunities.

Attending JSA Summer School on Stanford's campus places you in this energetic and forward-looking leadership environment, giving you a unique space to discover your strengths, sharpen your skills, and expand your imagination as you study and debate some of the most critical issues in American and world politics today.

If you dream of meeting challenges and opportunities through innovative problem solving, JSA Summer School at Stanford University provides an ideal location to immerse yourself in a culture of ground-breaking success.

Student Life

The diversity of Stanford’s surroundings gives you a chance to experience, study and compare so many aspects of modern American society. Stanford is located in the heart of the Silicon Valley, a world-renowned center for innovation and entrepreneurship. Just one hour’s drive away is San Francisco, a thriving metropolis that plays a key role in international trade and global finance. Head just a few miles south, and you find yourself in major agricultural areas where socio-political issues—from immigration to genetically engineering crops—are front and center. Head west and you’ll find the small, charming coastal cities of Monterey, Carmel and Santa Cruz, all grappling with challenges of responsibly managing growth, effectively allocating strained resources, and maintaining the sensitive environments that make them so special.

JSA Summer School located at Stanford presents a microcosm of the modern American landscape. And JSA’s focus on politics and government affords remarkable perspective and ample opportunity to imagine the future and debate the policies that will shape it.


Speakers Program

Hear what the leaders who shape our nation and world today have to say–and ask them questions to gain a deeper insight into their perspectives and convictions.

You’ll spend three days of the program engaging with speakers, many of them innovators and business leaders in Silicon Valley and all of them there to talk about the arcs of their careers and how they grapple with various policies affecting the U.S. government on a local, national, and international level.

You’ll spend an additional day visiting San Francisco’s historic Chinatown, which is the perfect place for thinking about immigration, culture, and commerce.


Debate Workshop

At JSA Summer School, you’ll meet for “Debate Workshop” 2-3 times a week to hone your public speaking and argumentation skills. During these hourlong sessions, you and your peers will put your knowledge into action by learning to share and compare ideas with passion and conviction as well as civility, respect and tolerance.

You will make leadership decisions and will be responsible for the outcomes. This experience strengthens real-world success skills in analysis, communication, negotiation, persuasion, decisiveness, and partnership. It is a distinct experience that sets JSA Summer School apart and is built to ensure that the learning experience takes you beyond the classroom. Learn more about JSA debates here.


The $5,650 tuition includes room and board (three weeks of housing and three meals per day at the campus cafeteria), transportation during speakers days, all textbooks needed for the course, and the costs of administering the program. JSA has fundraising and scholarship options.